3 Axis


We think that one of the most significant advantages of using CNC machining, is Accuracy. Our 3 Axis machine offers precision & efficiency. The digital and autonomous nature of the process leaves little possibility of error, while the finest machining settings provide tolerances of ±0.001.


The speed advantages become particularly apparent when producing large volumes of a part, since the computer instructions can be repeated as many times as necessary. 


Since the same CNC machining job can be repeated multiple times without discrepancy between parts.  CNC machining is more cost-effective when dealing in larger volumes, since the actual machining is less labor intensive than the preparatory stage, which involves digitally designing the component, preparing G-code and selecting materials.


Dimensions of each work table 1525 x 1525mm

X- Axis Stroke 3700mm
Y- Axis Stroke 1600mm
Z- Axis Stroke 300mm